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. And I was, I went with Duncan Sandys in January, 1957 to New York and Washington to begin the process. Or to try to begin the process and we were definitely right in the deep freeze at the time. I remember a very chilly lunch with Henry Cabot Lodge at the United Nations their United Nations delegation in New York and then going on to Washington and doing the rounds with all the people that one normally saw and being greeted with considerable frostiness wherever we went
Sir Richard Powell was permanent secretary at the British Ministry of Defense from 1956 to 1959. In the interview he conducted for War and Peace in the Nuclear Age: “The Education of Robert McNamara,” Powell recalls British officials’ shock that, although their scientists had originated work on the atom bomb, the McMahon Act of 1946 barred British access to U.S. nuclear information... more
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War and Peace in the Nuclear Age / Europe Goes Nuclear