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Video: The New Wave

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This work was written and narrated by Brian O'Doherty to document the growing field of video art. The work features segments from approximately 25 different experimental works, ranging from documentary-style interviews and political works to feedback experimentation to polished "classics" by artists like Peter Campus, William Wegman, and Joan Jonas. The narration briefly details the rise of video art, starting with the invention of the portapak camera in 1965, and compares the medium to that of traditional television.
Works and artists included are listed as follows:
[Interview with speed user]: Fred Simon. Nixon Convention: Top Value TV: Otto Piene, Douglas Davis, Jim Wiseman, Dan Sandin, Richard Teitelbaum, William Etra, William Rosenquist, Bob Lewis, Stan Vanderbeek, Rudi Stern. Soft Memories: John Godfrey. Garden of Love: Ron Hays. [Japanese Horror Movie]: Walter Wright, James Seawright. [Video time painting]: Donald Hallock, Nam June Paik, John Godfrey, Shuya Abe. [Two Segments]: William Wegman, Eugene Grayson Mattingly, Frank Gilette, Steina Vaskula, Paul Kos, Gerald Byerly, Joan Jonas, Richard Serra. Three Transitions: Peter Campus. Scapemates: Ed Emshwiller. Produced and directed by Fred barzyk, this was created for national broadcast on public television.

The New Television Workshop created several shows that were broadcast on WGBH without being a part of a series sponsored specifically by the Workshop. The Workshop was also commissioned to create programs for national broadcast. Several shows were made in collaboration with existing series at other stations, including "American Playhouse" at WNET (New York).
Compilation films, Television specials, Video art, Video recordings, Documentaries and factual works
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