CIA/Japan Radio News Film on Ho Chi Minh [Reel 4 of 5]

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No sound. Shots of boats in a bay. People on the street, walking and on bicycles. A sign over a gate reads "Ho Chu Tich Muon Nam." Village scenes; people enter and exit what appears to be a clothing shop. School girls walk along the street, laughing. A banner hangs over a street trafficked by pedestrians and bicycles. A sign at a checkpoint reads "Khu Phi Quan-Su." Cows graze along the street. A man with a gun guards a different checkpoint and bridge under a large archway. A boat travels the river. Shots of a different bridge that has been destroyed. A crowd of people on bicycles rides along the street. Crowd of people, perhaps protesters, gathers at a checkpoint. A billboard depicts a Vietnamese family. A second billboard shows a person restraining two belligerents. Fishing boats on the water and at shore. A man is interviewed by a reporter. Young people play on the beach. People work in the rice paddies. Another man is interviewed in a village.