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French soundtrack. With the Resistance of South Vietnam. Wonderful sequence showing the primitive conditions in which this film was made. Bugle blown for battle (tune not quite right). NLF plays. Kai Dai (strategic hamlet fortifications being torn down). NLF soldier reads letter from loved one and photo. American pilots (captured, eating in jungle, Nov. 23, 1963). Whole house being picked up and moved by people (nearly comical). THe USO show NLF style- male ballet (men play female roles), then drama of two young people in love. President of NLF with religious leaders. The NLF Pentagon: At Plaine des Jarres, panning shot of NLF generalstaff in series of parked sampans. Public relations fliers being produced. Also includes: Haing Se- 15 kilometers from Saigon, daily rice portion being given to NLF fighters. They receive this in their pieces of cloth made from American parachutes. Young soldiers undergoing training, model airplanes pulled by string like kites. Also pots and pans banged together to accustom these young men to the loud noises of war.