Kon Tum battle and evacuation, 1972

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Kon Tum city battle -Evacuation of wounded and civilians. 1)Action sequence-CS-helmets, shot up, on ground. Army of the Republic of Vietnam soldiers running, behind barbed wire, and with wounded on stretcher. Fast movement everywhere. Soldiers firing-bazooka, machine guns. Civilian refugees along street. Group of Vietnamese civilians running to military helicopter, rushing up into open door. Wide-shot: chaotic scene of running. sound of chopper. Close-shot: gray-haired old woman. 62' to 87346. 2) Darkish scene-soldiers crouching-wounded and fighting men, together in bunker position, rushing-man firing bazooka in background. 10' to 87365. 3) Wounded-medics-bandaged on ground-morphine. Picking them up roughly-1 carried on corrugated metal as stretcher. 24' to 87414. 4) Refugees in open space where copters are landing. Suddenly everyone scatters as if under attack. Soldiers dash for (stadium?)/cut/helicopter lands-people pick up kids and bundles and rush forward. Crush round entrance to copter, as door closes-GI's in charge pull one young boy off. 58' to 87531