Quang Tri ARVN retreat, 1972

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1) Refugees on road. Burning headquarters. ("3rd VN Division in retreat - on road south from Dong Ha to Quang Tri - Division headquarters abandoned. US advisors set fire to their own HQ."). G/A shot of helicopter. VS advisors running, with everything, guns, US flag, etc. Vietnamese civilians and soldiers running along road. More of refugees running, crossing bridge, old man, low angle. (45' to 86652 sound on film). 2) Girl riding water buffalo, crying boy. Troops hanging on, side of truck. Head-on shot, masses of people to camera. (40' to 86736 sound on film). 3) Helicopter on ground. More of GI’s running (same men as earlier). Helicopters landing to evacuate and more refugees. Quite good. Vietnamese man herding cows along road with an umbrella. (34' to 86803). 4) Group of GIs running to helicopter on muddy ground - one with kit bag, on hurrying others along. Good atmosphere, seen partly through roll of barbed wire... Burning headquarters - flames. Refugees and kids running. Cows and medics van. Flames and helicopter takes off - down draft blows hats off refugee woman on road. (70' to 86958 sound on film) 5) ARVN (Army of the Republic of Vietnam) soldier running against stream of people along road, confused and frightened. (10' to 86978 sound on film). 6) Closer shots of refugees. Good of troops mixed with civilians. (20' to 87013 sound on film). 7) US advisors (Airborne), tensely looking at map on road with ARVN officers. GI on field phone near ARVN troops. ARVN in field, on patrol, with gear (30' sound on film).