GI's hear Nixon ceasefire proposal, Ton Son Nhut

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At Tan Son Nhut Air Base-US troops listen to Nixon speech on cease-fire. Few in air field scene-jets taxi with rockets-guy cleaning plane. Close-up, Zenith radio, NBC communicator’s voice introduces Nixon's "new peace initiative for Southeast Asia." Pan, close-ups, faces of men listening , serious, almost expressionless-a dramatic contrast to Nixon: " proposal for peace in IC-...possible because of remarkable success of Vietnamization program over last eighteen months...CU's of troops listening-continue as Nixon's voice is heard from radio: "...propose all armed forces throughout IC cease firing their weapons...this would mean a ceasefire in place...would not be an end to the conflict but...and end to the killing...I do not minimize the difficulty of maintaining a ceasefire in a guerrilla war ...but an unconventional war may require an unconventional truce...hope this will break the log jam in negotiations... all concerned must believe that the ceasefire will be maintained..." More pan, close-up, black faces-inscrutable. No sign of belief or relief. Nixon talks of reduction of troops in S.V. more pix than sound-see footage. [see also ABC_52157]