Interview with Harold Robert Isaacs, 1981

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An historian who in 1932 was living in China and editing a small communist newspaper, Harold Isaacs was contacted by the Indochinese communist leader who went by the name of Nguyen Ai Quoc, (a pseudonym for Ho Chinh Minh), who had just been released from prison. Isaacs recalls landing in Saigon in 1945 as a correspondent for Newsweek, reuniting with Ho Chinh Minh, and Ho Chinh Minh’s attitudes towards both the French and the Russians. Isaacs also attests that the Vietnamese communists reveleaved themselves to be just as tyrannical and corrupt as any other communist leadership; that after Ho Chinh Minh’s death, the political finesse Ho had used when dealing with the occupying forces vanished and the remainder of his staff became heavy-handed.