CIA/Japan Radio News Film on Ho Chi Minh [Reel 1 of 5]

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No sound. Ho Chi Minh walks across a garden to an outdoor meeting with dignitaries, including the Chief Secretary of the Labor Union from Ghana. Close-up shot as Ho speaks, listens, and smokes cigarettes. Quick cut to dancers surrounded by a large crowd, then back to the banquet table with Ho and others. Quick cut to a farm machine harvesting grain. Crowd gathers and cheers as Ho walks by. Ho Chi Minh climbs the steps of a palace, then sits on the steps with another man. A huge crowd cheers at a rally. Shots through the front windshield of a moving car down an unpaved country road. Shots of the Vietnam landscape. Parachutes in the sky and combat scenes. Young people participate in an outdoor exercise program. Agriculture scenes. Trees are cleared to make room for road construction. Treads of the earth-moving machine are cleaned. Shots of a sheep farm and small village. More agriculture and village scenes. People ride and clean water buffalo. Rice farming.