Vietcong's Tet Activities

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Medics evacuate dead Americans and Viets from Embassy grounds. They are placed in ambulances. Large hole in compound wall. Holes in Embassy building. V-100 armored commando car followed by soldiers making their way to wrecked 2.5 ton truck on narrow street. Dead and wounded are pulled from the burned-out truck and are evacuated under fire. Wounded on litters are carried to ambulance. M-113 APC drives past. Aftermath of battle in the Cholon area. Dead and burned Vietcong in street, wrecked vehicles. Fire trucks putting out blaze. Civilians look on. LSs, UH-1Bs attacking buildings in city. Smoke rising. Dead Vietcong on US Embassy grounds. Man and woman under cover of tall grass at roadside. An American soldier is next to them. Dead Vietcong in compound. EOD (Explosive Ordnance Demolition) men remove explosives from the bodies. Soldiers and MPs search the grounds. Damage done to the Embassy. Aftermath of battle in Cholon area. Dead Vietcong in street; people walk about. Soldiers under cover of M-48 tank of the 1st Infantry Division. Soldiers remove dead Americans from street as the M-48 moves forward.