US Marines Land in South Vietnam

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395': 3500 US Marines of the 9th Marine Expeditionary Brigade, 7th Fleet, land on the beach. They are here to guard the area around Danang Air Base. Vietnamese soldiers setting down landing mats on beach. Vietnamese and American officers on beach as they await the arrival of the marines. Brigadier General F. J. Kach, CO, 9th US Marine Brigade, talks with Major General Key, CC, Vietnam I Corps area. Schoolgirls carrying floral wreath walking across landing mats. The girls pose in a group. CU, surf rolls up on beach.pan, looking out to sea. A few ships standing on the horizon. Vietnamese soldier standing on beach with rifle. LS, LVTP-5 rolls onto beach; marines running off. LCM comes into shore. LVTP-5s driving on beach, toward and to the right of camera. MSG marines run off LCM and across beach Marines lying against embankment others standing about. Two US Army WACs In South Vietnam.: Saigon, South Vietnam: 03/09/1965: 342': Stationed in Saigon are two WACs serving as advisers the Vietnam Womens' Army Corps. The Americans are Major Kathleen I Wilkes and SFC Betty L. Adams. LS, RV, long column of Vietnamese WACs walking in compound. Ext, small concrete building. Major Wilkes and Sergeant Adams helping Vietnamese WACs issue uniforms to women recruits. Some of the recruits wear native dress. Blouses are held against the girls for possible fit. Int, Sergeant Adams tries a jacket on recruit. Vietnamese woman working at sewing machine. Major Wilkes, Sergeant Adams, Vietnamese WAC Sergeant, and Vietnamese girl walk out of building, and away from camera.