Camouflaged troops, 1969

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9th Division troops - faces camouflaged for battle. 1. Men in camouflage uniforms, walking on base. Officers walk into building with sign "Headquarters 9th Infantry" and insignia. (15', silent) 2.US flag, bugler playing taps (scratches). Men walking and massed. MC. (49', sound on film and silent) 3. Crossed out on story card: magnetic track only, bugle plays taps,15'] 4. Helicopters and men handling body bags on airfield. Man squatting against pole playing harmonica. Picture of Goldie Hawn on wall and news clipping: "First Pullout Moves."(39',silent) 5. Close shot three faces. (13',silent) 6. Close shot, young pug-nosed face, semi-profile. "Batman", smiling, smoking. Fist and Peace sign medallion. (23', some sound on film) 7. Headquarters, 9th Infantry, door. Close-up sign: "We Try Harder." Close-up insignia. Close-up faces made up for battle with camouflage. (70', silent - actually comes after)