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Print only. Hanoi at Tet. People ride bicycles and trolleys through the city streets. People buy and sell flowers and flowering boughs of trees. Quick cut to interview of Pham Van Dong. Footage of children scrambling into shelters. Children appear to have their hearing tested after a bombing. Dr. Ton That Thien, director of the central Hanoi hospital, is interviewed. Scenes of destruction at the hospital. Dr. Thien is interviewed again outside the hospital. More scenes of destruction, people pick through the rubble of demolished buildings. Survivors wait in hospitals beds and are examined and treated. Three unknown Vietnamese are interviewed - two men, one woman. They are wearing Ho Chi Minh buttons and talking about how they were tortured in prisons in South Vietnam. They show their wounds to the television host who is interviewing them. Quick cut to traffic on pontoon bridge. Workers erect electrical or telephone lines. More scenes of clean up after a bombing. Factory workers make textiles. General Vo Nguyen Giap walks in a park while reading a newspaper and talking to an aide. Giap is interviewed and reads aloud from the newspaper.