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Christopher Lydon analyzes voting patterns in "Black Boston"

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Christopher Lydon analyzes voting patterns in "Black Boston"
African American neighborhoods, African American religious leaders, African Americans--Politics and government, Elections, Neighborhoods, Voting, Civil rights, Segregation, De Fronzo, Anna, DiCara, Lawrence, DiLorenzo, George, Driscoll, Thomas, Finnegan, David, Flynn, Raymond, Gallagher, Thomas, Gibbs, Kay, Hennigan, Maura, Kearney, Dennis, Linger, Eloise, Miller, Melvin, Sears, John Winthrop, Sinnott, Richard, Smith, Veronica, Timilty, Joseph, Vallely, Thomas, White, Paul
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1:00:09: The logos of The Ten O'Clock News underwriters New England Telephone and Shawmut Brokerage Services are displayed. Opening credits for The Ten O'Clock News. Christopher Lydon introduces a report on "The Five Bostons."

1:00:58: Anna De Fronzo (East Boston community activist) compares East Boston's remote location to that of Siberia. Visual: Shot of a map of Boston with East Boston highlighted in yellow. Lydon reports that the Italian population of Boston lives in the North End and East Boston. V: Shots of three older men sitting near a wall; of a yard with a Virgin Mary statue in East Boston; of the Boston skyline viewed from a street in East Boston. Lydon reports that "Italian" Boston has 8% of the city's registered voters; that "Italian" Boston has good voting habits and could account for 10% of the votes in the mayoral race. Lydon reports that there is no political issue to rally the residents of East Boston this year; that controversy over school desegregation and airport expansion have died down. V: Shots of older women in East Boston; of Logan airport as viewed from East Boston; of streets in East Boston. Lydon reports that Italian American candidates have always found favor in East Boston; that Dennis Kearney (candidate for mayor of Boston) is a resident of Eagle Hill and has a lot of support in East Boston. V: Shot of Kearney campaign sign. Footage of East Boston residents voicing their support for Kearney. Lydon reports that there are residents of ethnicities other than Italian; that many East Boston residents will vote for one of their own. Lydon reports that Eloise Linger (Socialist candidate for mayor of Boston) has more supporters in East Boston than Lawrence DiCara (candidate for mayor of Boston); that Linger lives in East Boston while DiCara lives in Dorchester. V: Footage of De Fronzo saying that Italian Americans are apt to vote for candidates of other nationalities. Lydon stands on an East Boston street with the Boston skyline visible. He reports that Kevin White (Mayor, City of Boston) gained support in East Boston when he supported action by the anti-airport movement; that East Boston received attention from the White administration in return for their support of White. V: Traveling shot of an East Boston street. Footage of George DiLorenzo (Former State Representative from East Boston) talking about the great number of jobs given to East Boston residents by White. DiLorenzo says that White appointed three city commissioners from East Boston; that other mayors did not give key positions to East Bostonians. DiLorenzo says that the White political organization in East Boston was the strongest political organization that he has ever seen; that John "Dee Dee" Coviello (East Boston political organizer) is responsible for uniting the community behind White. Footage of De Fronzo saying that she does not think any of the candidates will garner the kind of support that White had in East Boston; that some of the candidates will ignore East Boston if elected mayor.

1:05:57: V: Footage of Lydon interviewing John Winthrop Sears (former Republican candidate for governor of Massachusetts). Sears says that his part of Boston is progressive and not afraid of change. Shot of a map of Boston with "liberal" Boston highlighted in blue. Shots of a street in the Back Bay; of Kenmore Square; of an upscale apartment building. Lydon says that "liberal" Boston stretches from Chinatown through Beacon Hill and the Back Bay to Kenmore Square and Cleveland Circle. Lydon reports that "liberal" Boston is multi-ethnic; with many single residents including students and the elderly. Lydon stands on a leafy street lined with brownstones. He reports that "liberal" Boston is made up of white precincts which do not vote according to racial lines; that "liberal" Boston never supported Louise Day Hicks (former Boston City Councilwoman). Lydon reports that "liberal" Boston usually has a large population with a poor voter turnout. V: Footage of Lydon interviewing residents about their voting habits. Most residents do not vote or have not yet registered to vote. Footage of Sears talking about residents of "liberal" Boston who vote in other states. Sears says that the inheritance laws in Massachusetts have driven wealthy voters to declare a primary residence elsewhere. Footage of Thomas Vallely (State Representative from the Back Bay) saying that the Back Bay community is made up of wealthy residents; that his constituents voted for Proposition 2 1/2; that the Back Bay has a vibrant gay community; that his constituents seem more concerned with national politics than local politics. Shot of a resident at DeLuca's Market in Beacon Hill. Lydon stands on the corner of Commonwealth and Harvard Avenues in Allston. Lydon reports that there are blue-collar families, students and the elderly in Allston; that young professionals are moving into the area. Lydon reports that Thomas Gallagher (State Representative) came to Allston as an out-of-state student; that he beat a local politician for the office of state representative. V: Footage of Veronica Smith (Allston community activist) saying that Gallagher is popular with the students and young professionals. Smith says that she cannot predict which mayoral candidate is the most popular in Allston. Footage of Sears saying that DiCara is popular among many voters now that Robert Kiley (former Deputy Mayor of Boston) has dropped out of the race. Footage of Vallely analyzing his constituents response to the candidacies of Ray Flynn (candidate for mayor of Boston), Mel King (candidate for mayor of Boston), and David Finnegan (candidate for mayor of Boston). Lydon reports that "liberal" Boston will lose a mayor when White leaves office. V: Footage of White walking his dog in the Boston Public Gardens. Footage of Vallely saying that White was a "friend" to the community. Footage of Sears saying that White's presence in the neighborhood will be missed; that White is tired after a long political career.

1:12:46: V: Footage of Reverend Charles Stith (Union United Methodist Church) talking about a renewal in African American political activity in Boston and around the nation. Shot of a map of Boston with "black" Boston colored in pink. Lydon reports that "black" Boston comprises 20% of the city; that "black" Boston has spread from Mission Hill to Mattapan and Dorchester. V: Shots of a train on elevated tracks along Washington Street; of White campaigning in African American neighborhoods. Lydon says that "black" Boston had been a cornerstone of White's coalition during his four mayoral campaigns. Lydon reports from a street corner in "black" Boston. A train passes by on the elevated tracks behind him. Lydon reports that "black" Boston usually has a low voter turnout; that "black" Boston has high percentage of newly registered voters this year. Lydon says that the percentage of African American registered voters is now slightly higher than the percentage of white registered voters. V: Footage of African American residents voicing their support for Mel King. Shots of African American residents getting on an MBTA bus; of a Bay State Banner editorial endorsing David Finnegan. Lydon reports that Bruce Wall (African American minister) and Mel Miller (publisher, The Bay State Banner) have not supported King's candidacy. V: Footage of Stith talking about Miller's endorsement of Finnegan. Stith says that most voters are supporting King. Footage of Kay Gibbs (South End political activist) saying that African American voters believe in King's candidacy; that African American mayors have been elected in city's across the nation; that Miller has been discredited because he is a Finnegan supporter who has never supported an African American candidate for any city office. Lydon reports that King is not well rooted in African American church life; that many African Americans were turned off by his wardrobe. V: Shots of King; of a religious service in an African American church; of African American churchgoers outside of a church. Footage of Gibbs saying that middle-class African Americans had reservations about King at first; that all African American voters are now confident in King's ability to represent the African American community. Gibbs says that King does not think like a middle-class candidate; that he sees himself as a "champion of the underdog." Lydon reports that the African American community has undergone a change in its thinking about political candidates. V: Footage of Stith saying that increased voter turnout and political participation establishes the African American community as a political entity; that the African American community benefits from King's campaign even if he loses.

1:19:01: V: Footage of "Irish East" voters voicing their support for Flynn and Finnegan. Lydon reports that "Irish East" includes Charlestown, South Boston and parts of Dorchester. V: Shots of streets in South Boston and Dorchester. Lydon reports that "Irish East" has the highest voter turnout in the city; that "Irish East" has 1/8th of the city's population and 1/5th of the city's registered voters; that it will account for 1/4th of the voter turnout in the mayoral primary. V: Traveling shot of the Boston skyline. Lydon reports from a street in South Boston. Boston Harbor is visible behind him. Lydon reviews the voting patterns of "Irish East" in recent presidential and gubernatorial elections. Lydon says that "Irish East" often votes for losing candidates like George McGovern (presidential candidate in 1972), Gerald Ford (presidential candidate in 1976) and Ed King (Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate in 1982). Lydon reports that "Irish East" has voted for unsuccessful mayoral candidates like Joe Powers, Louise Day Hicks and Joseph Timilty. Lydon reports that "Irish East" has two of their own as candidates for mayor this year. V: Footage of "Irish East" voters voicing support for Flynn and Finnegan. Footage of Thomas Driscoll (South Boston political consultant) saying that there might be confusion between the "old" Flynn and the "new" Flynn; that Flynn is now a progressive candidate; that the "old" Flynn was an anti-busing, anti-abortion candidate. Footage of Paul White (State Representative from Dorchester) saying that Finnegan has a lot of support in the Dorchester community. White talks about Finnegan's connections to St. Ann's parish. Shots of South Boston. Footage of Driscoll talking about strong neighborhood connections in South Boston. Driscoll predicts that Flynn will get 60% - 75% of the vote in South Boston. Lydon reports from the corner of Adams Street and Gallivan Boulevard in Dorchester. Lydon says that "Irish East" has been out of political favor for a long time; that they now have two strong mayoral candidates. V: Footage of White talking about how Dorchester would benefit from having a Dorchester native as mayor of Boston. White says that Dorchester would claim Finnegan as a native son, even though he now lives in West Roxbury.

1:25:08: V: Footage of Richard Sinnott (Hyde Park Tribune) talking about the neighborhoods of Roslindale and West Roxbury. Shot of a map of Boston with "Irish West" colored in green. Lydon reports that the "Irish West" neighborhoods include the"city suburbs" west of the orange line; that a majority of the residents are Irish American; that there are also Polish, Greek and Lebanese residents. V: Shot of Casa Beirut restaurant. Traveling shot of a residential street in "Irish West." Lydon reports that most residents own their own homes in "Irish West"; that Brighton is included in "Irish West." Lydon notes that "Irish West" traditionally has a very high voter turnout. V: Shots of residents boarding an MBTA bus; of residents walking on a street. Lydon reports that many "Irish West" voters are civil servants, police officers, and teachers; that politics are important to these voters. V: Footage of Sinnott saying that the community benefits from good city services; that "Irish West" voters are not concerned with "linkage"; that displacement and housing for the elderly are important issues in the community. Footage of Joseph Timilty (State Senator) saying that property values declined during the busing crisis; that property values have risen again. Lydon reports that the Forest Hills area has some Latino voters and "new gentry"; that some of these voters may vote for Mel King. V: Shots of urban streets; of Latino children playing on a sidewalk. Lydon reports from a street in front of a church in "Irish West." Lydon notes that most "Irish West" voters support either Ray Flynn or David Finnegan; that Finnegan seems to be the favorite in "Irish West." Lydon notes that Finnegan moved from Dorchester to West Roxbury to raise his family; that Finnegan has connections in "Irish East" and "Irish West." Lydon notes that most of Boston's Irish mayors have come from "Irish West." Lydon mentions former Boston mayors White, John Collins, Maurice Tobin and James Michael Curley. V: Footage of Maura Hennigan (Boston City Council) saying that Curley's legacy lives on in Jamaica Plain. Footage of "Irish West" voters voicing support for Finnegan and Flynn. A few voters voice support for Mel King and Dennis Kearney. Footage of Sinnott saying that White never had the full support of the "Irish West" community; that White was a good mayor. Lydon reports from a park. A football team practices on a field behind him. Lydon says that White was a West Roxbury native; that White always had to fight for votes in "Irish West"; that residents have mixed feelings about White. V: Footage of Timilty saying that White will be remembered fondly with the passage of time. Footage of Sinnott saying that White was "a working mayor as well as a dancing mayor."

1:30:29: V: Footage of city residents voicing support for the candidate of their choice. Closing credits roll. The logos of The Ten O'Clock News underwriters New England Telephone ,and Shawmut Brokerage Services are displayed.

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