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Rainbow Coalition organizes Jackson presidential campaign

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Dr. Alvin Poussaint (Harvard Medical School), Boyce Slayman (political activist), Joyce Ferriabough (local spokeswoman for the Jesse Jackson campaign), Royal Bolling, Sr. (State Senator), Juanita Wade (Boston School Committee), Kenneth Edelin (Boston City Hospital), and others gather at a Rainbow Coalition meeting to explore possibility of a presidential candidacy for Jesse Jackson (African American political leader).
African Americans--Politics and government, Political campaigns, Civil rights, Segregation, National Rainbow Coalition (U.S.)
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0:59:58: Visual: Dr. Alvin Poussaint (Harvard Medical School) and others enter a cafeteria-like room. People are scattered among the tables. People continue to enter the room. Poussaint confers with Boyce Slayman (political activist) and Joyce Ferriabough (local spokeswoman for the Jesse Jackson campaign). Shot of a rainbow pin of Poussaint's lapel reading, "Jackson in '84." Shots of a diverse group of meeting attendees at the tables, engaged in conversations. Royal Bolling (State Senator) sits down at a table in the back of the room. Poussaint continues to confer with Ferriabough at the front of the room. Slayman speaks to some attendees who are seated at a table. Juanita Wade (Boston School Committee) sits at a table, conversing with another attendee. A young white man shuffles through petitions with voter signatures. The young man circulates the petitions. Wade signs the petition. Shot of Bolling smoking a cigarette; of an audience member signing a petition.

1:08:23: V: Slayman announces that the meeting will begin shortly. Audience members continue to speak to one another at their tables. Shot of the Jackson pin on Poussaint's lapel. Poussaint continues to speak to Ferriabough. A few more people enter the room and seat themselves. Slayman rejoins Poussaint and Ferriabough in conversation.