Ralph Abernathy

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Jan von Mehren reports that Ralph Abernathy (author and civil rights activist) has written a book about his experiences in the civil rights movement with Martin Luther King, Jr. (civil rights leader). Von Mehren notes that Abernathy signed copies of the book in Cambridge; she adds that the book is called, <i>And The Walls Came Tumbling Down.</i> Von Mehren reports that the book is controversial because Abernathy has revealed King's human side and his faults. Von Mehren's reports includes footage of the book signing in Cambridge. Michael Dorn (Cambridge resident) says that he would rather not know compromising information about his heroes. Von Mehren interviews Abernathy. Abernathy says that King would have wanted him to write this book. Von Mehren notes that Morris Dees (Southern Poverty Law Center) is one of the leading critics of the book. Von Mehren reviews Abernathy's career in the civil rights movement. Von Mehren's reports includes footage of Abernathy speaking at the Cambridge Baptist Church. Von Mehren's report also includes clips of Abernathy and King from the film <i>From Montgomery to Memphis.</i> This tape includes additional footage from the news story and additional black and white footage from <i>From Montgomery to Memphis.</i>