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Flynn proposes an appointed school committee

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Marcus Jones reports on Ray Flynn's proposal to replace the present school committee
African American religious leaders, Municipal government, School boards, Boston (Mass.). School Committee
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1:00:05: Visual: Footage of the members of the Boston School Committee seated at the front of the School Committee chambers during a meeting. Shots of Daniel Burke (Boston School Committee); of School Committee members Abigail Browne and Kitty Bowman. Marcus Jones reports that a group of community activists has suggested replacing Boston's elected school committee with an appointed school board. V: Shot of a video screen at Logan Airport listing departing flights on Delta Airlines. Shots of Charles Stith (President, Organization for a New Equality) and a small group in a waiting area at Logan Airport. Stith and another man walk toward their gate. Jones reports that a small group of community activists traveled to Philadelphia today; that the activists will examine the Philadelphia School System. Jones notes that the Philadelphia School System is led by an appointed school board. Jones adds that the group will report its findings later this week. V: Footage of Stith being interviewed by Jones at Logan Airport. Stith says that he is interested in how the Philadelphia School System works. Stith says that Ray Flynn (Mayor of Boston) has been talking about implementing a similar kind of system. Jones reports that Flynn has been consulting with advisors about how to remove politics from the government of the Boston Public School System. V: Shot of Flynn at a press conference at School Department headquarters. Flynn stands in front of a group of city officials including Dapper O'Neil (Boston City Council) and David Scondras (Boston City Council). Jones reports that Flynn has proposed a new school board with seven mayoral appointees. V: Shots of the members of the School Committee seated at the front of the School Committee chambers; of Dr. Laval Wilson (Superintendent, Boston Public Schools), Peggy Davis-Mullen (Boston School Committee) and Thomas O'Reilly (President, Boston School Committee). Footage of Flynn at the press conference. Flynn urges the citizens of Boston to join the movement to change the School Committee. Flynn says that the present system is not working. Shots of the members of the media at the press conference. Jones reports that Flynn was joined at the press conference by parents and community leaders; that many endorse Flynn's call for a non-binding referendum on an appointed school committee. V: Shots of community leaders and parents at the press conference. Footage of Elnavia Green (parent) speaking at the press conference. Green says that parents have been waiting for better schools; that parents are "getting the runaround." Footage of Bill Owens (State Senator) saying that the present system is not effective. Footage of Reverend McCall Thomas (Charles Street African Methodist Episcopal Church) at the press conference. Thomas says that the present system is not effective. Footage of Tony Molina (President, Bilingual Master Parents' Advisory Council) at the press conference. Molina says that parents have been "abused" by the School Committee. Molina says that parents want change. The crowd applauds. Jones reports that not everyone is pleased with Flynn's proposal. V: Footage of John Nucci (Boston School Committee) being interviewed by Jones. Nucci says that the referendum will ask the voters to choose between two evils; that the voters will have to choose between the status quo and their right to vote. Jones stands outside of the headquarters of the Boston School Department. Jones reports that the debate has distracted school officials from concentrating their energies on the schools. Jones notes that the debate could continue beyond November.

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