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Women, Inc.

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Fritz Wetherbee talks to Katie Portis about Women, Inc.
African American women, Drug abuse--Prevention, Women, African American women--Social conditions, Civil rights, Segregation, Women, Inc.
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1:00:01: Visual: Footage of Katie Portis (President of Women, Inc.) saying that some people take drugs to help them cope with poverty, despair, and domestic abuse. Fritz Wetherbee reports that Portis had become frustrated with the desperate conditions under which some people are forced to live. Wetherbee notes that Portis started a revolution with one kind act. V: Footage of Portis talking about how she once offered to take care of a woman's baby while the woman went down the street to sign up for a methadone program. Shot of the exterior of the Women Inc. house in Dorchester. Wetherbee reports that Portis started Women's Incorporated in Dorchester; that Women's Inc. has provided support and stability to over 5,000 women; that many of those women have stopped using drugs and are living with their children. V: Shot of an Ethel P. (resident at the Women's Inc. house) with an infant. Ethel P. walks through a hallway and into a bedroom of the Women's Inc. house. Footage of Ethel P. saying that she had no direction when she was living on the street; that she had been to jail three times. Ethel P. says that Women's Inc. has given her a place to focus on herself and to kick her addiction. Shot of Ethel P. rocking her baby. Wetherbee reports that most of the women living at the Women's Inc. house have low self-esteem; that Women's Inc. tries to instill the women with a sense of pride. V: Footage of Diana Christmas (Residential counselor) that the residents have one-to-one and group counseling sessions. Shot of the exterior of the Women's Inc. house. Wetherbee notes that Portis is frustrated that Women's Inc. cannot help every woman who becomes a resident there. V: Footage of Portis saying that the goal of Women's Inc. is to encourage every woman to keep her child; that sometimes a woman is not ready to raise a child. Wetherbee says that Women's Inc. has more success than failure. V: Footage of Linda Galloway (resident at the Women's Inc. house) talking about the help and support she received from Women's Inc.

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