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Richard Armstead talks about the Silver Shield rape case

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David Boeri reports on the Silver Shield case. Boeri interviews Richard Armstead (Boston Police Department), who gives his version of the events in the case. Boeri reviews the facts about the case and the people involved. Boeri's reports includes footage of William Celester (Boston Police Department) and photographs of Lucia Kai (Roxbury resident) and police officers Jose Garcia, William Dunn and William Kennefick. Boeri notes that an investigation has cleared the officers of all allegations. Boeri's report includes footage of a press conference with Francis "Mickey" Roache (Commissioner, Boston Police Department), Albert Sweeney (Boston Police Department), Arthur Morgan (Boston Police Department), and Don Muhammad (Roxbury community leader). Boeri's report also includes footage of Nancy Gleason (spokesperson, Boston Police Department) saying that there is no evidence of a crime being committed at the Silver Shield Club. Boeri notes that one of the officers may have told Bruce Wall (Twelfth Baptist Church) about the alleged rape at the club. Boeri interviews Wall, who says that he will not comment on what he was told.
Rape, Rape--Massachusetts--Boston--Case studies, Boston (Mass.). Police Dept.
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1:00:11: Visual: Footage of Richard Armstead (Detective, Boston Police Department) walking down a street in Roxbury. Armstead unlocks the door to a house. David Boeri says that Armstead has been ordered to appear before a grand jury on December 3; that Armstead is the source of the allegations in the Silver Shield rape case. Boeri reports that Armstead has insisted that an African American girl was raped by white police officers; that the girl was murdered to ensure her silence. V: Shots of police officers in the lobby of a Boston Police Department building. Boeri notes that Armstead was not a witness to the rape; that Armstead heard the story from William Celester (Deputy Superintendent, Boston Police Department) in July, 1982. V: Shot of Celester in uniform, speaking to a reporter. Footage of Armstead being interviewed by Boeri in his home. Armstead describes the circumstances surrounding his conversation with Celester about the rape. Boeri reports that Celester told Armstead that Jose Garcia (Boston Police Department) was sleeping in the backroom of the Club; that Garcia was awoken by screams. V: Shots of the exterior of the Silver Shield Club in Roxbury. Shot of a color photo of Garcia. Footage of Armstead saying that Celester told him that Garcia witnessed a white police officer forcing an African American teenage girl to perform oral sex at gunpoint. Boeri reports that Celester told Armstead that William Dunn (Boston Police Department was the perpetrator; that William Kennefick (Boston Police Department) was one of six or seven officers who witnessed the rape. V: Shots of black and white photos of Dunn and Kennefick. Boeri reports that Celester told Armstead that the Garcia rescued the girl; that the girl ran from the car near the Orchard Street Housing Project. V: Shot of the Orchard Street Housing Project at night from a moving car. Armstead says that Garcia told Celester about the rape. Boeri says that all of the officers involved have denied Armstead's allegations. V: Shots of photographs of Celester, Garcia, Kennefick, and Dunn. Boeri reports that the officers were cleared of the allegations by the most recent investigation by the Boston Police Department in January, 1986. V: Shot of Francis "Mickey" Roache (Police Commissioner, City of Boston), Minister Don Muhammed (Roxbury community leader), Albert Sweeney (Boston Police Department), and Arthur Morgan (Boston Police Department) at a press conference. Shot of Roache speaking at the press conference. Boeri notes that the investigation found no evidence of a crime. Boeri adds that the investigation concluded that Celester acted responsibly by attempting to verify the rumors about a rape at the club. V: Footage of Boeri commenting on a Police Department internal report. Boeri notes that the report says that Celester informed Armstead of the rumor. Armstead says that the report is not true. Armstead adds that Celester never told him that the account of the rape was a rumor. Boeri reports that Celester may have told the same story to a civilian. V: Shot of a photo of Celester; of a newspaper article with a headline reading, "Youth, 17, on danger list after shooting by a policeman." Boeri says that Reverend Bruce Wall (Twelfth Baptist Church) spoke with Celester in August of 1982, after the shooting of an African American youth by a police officer. V: Footage of Wall being interviewed by Boeri. Wall says that he will not comment on whether Celester told him about the rape. Boeri notes that Wall does not deny being told about the rape. Boeri reports that six weeks after the alleged rape, the body of Lucia Kai (murdered Roxbury resident) was found in Franklin Park. V: Shots of the exterior of the Silver Shield Club; of the woods in Franklin Park; of a color photo of Kai. Footage of Armstead saying that Kai was the girl who was raped at the Silver Shield Club. Boeri reports that police officials says that there is no evidence that Kai was raped at the club. V: Footage of Nancy Gleason (Boston Police Department spokesperson) saying that there is no evidence of a crime being committed at the Silver Shield Club.