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Vacant lots on Blue Hill Avenue

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The tape includes traveling shots of Blue Hill Avenue from a moving car. The car passes boarded-up storefronts and operational storefronts. Trash is visible on the street and graffiti is evident on buildings. The car passes many vacant lots along Blue Hill Avenue. Piles of rubble are visible on some of the lots. African American residents walk along Washington Street in Roxbury. A group of men is gathered near the Shanty Lounge.
African American neighborhoods, Civil rights, Segregation
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1:00:02: Visual: Traveling shot of Blue Hill Avenue from a moving car: graffiti on buildings, trash on street, scaffolding, boarded-up storefronts, operational stores and restauraunts.

1:01:34: V: A vacant lot is strewn with trash. Weeds are growing in the lot. Traveling shot of Blue Hill Avenue from a moving car. The car passes several vacant lots. Shots of vacant lots. Trash is visible along the street and among the piles of rubble in the lots. A few of the lots have been cleared of rubble.

1:08:00: V: Cars and an MBTA bus travel slowly down Blue Hill Avenue. An off-camera voice explains that they are videotaping on lower Blue Hill Avenue; that the neighborhood is quiet today.

1:08:52: V: A group of African American men and a few children are gathered on the sidewalk in front of the Shanty Lounge near the corner of Washington and Northampton Streets. Shot of a vacant lot on Washington Street, in front of a housing project. African Americans pass by on the sidewalk. Shot of storefronts on Northampton Street; of elevated train tracks on Washington Street. Cars pass by on Washington Street. A train passes by on the elevated tracks. Two African American men stand on the sidewalk on Washington Street. Two other African American men walk on the sidewalk on Northampton Street. They pass a wall painted with graffiti. A group of men is still gathered near the Shanty Lounge on Washington Street.