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Unsuspected Killers, The

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Program focuses on diseases that predominantly affect Third World populations: lupus, hypertension, and sickle cell anemia. Host Barbara Barrow-Murray speaks with Beverly Gibson (a sickle cell educator at Children's Hospital, Boston) and Dr. Patricia Frazier (a rheumatologist at Robert B. Brigham Hospital) in the first half of the program and Dr. Peter Schur (a rheumatologist), Dr. Jane Desforges (a hematologist), Ann Eubanks (a Boston schoolteacher with lupus), and Henrietta Aladjem (author of The Sun Is My Enemy and lupus patient in remission) in the second. Topics include symptoms of the diseases, diagnosis and treatment, available medications, and why more African Americans get these diseases than white Americans. Program features calls from the viewing audience to doctors Shur and Defarges. Produced by Barbara Barrow-Murray. Directed by Eric Himes.
Hypertension, Lupus, Sickle cell anemia, Aladjem, Henrietta, Desforges, Dr. Jane, Eubanks, Ann, Frazier, Dr. Patricia, Gibson, Beverly, Schur, Dr. Peter, Sun Is My Enemy, The (Book)
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