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Say Brother News #1

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Program, part of the Say Brother News series, focuses on both local and national events of interest to the African American community. Anchors James Rowe and Carmen Fields report the news and introduce the following segments: Michael Frisby's footage from the National Women's Day conference at the Elma Lewis School of Fine Arts, an interview excerpt from State Representative Mel King's interview with Jean McGuire on desegregation issues and the lack of teacher training on racism, Russell Tillman's interview with Ken Hudson, WILD Radio's new General Manager, Michael Frisby's report on a discussion organized by David Adams among African American ministers in Boston on the desegregation of Boston's schools, June Cross on the current state of the Martin Luther King Center at Boston University and the proposal submitted by African American students at Harvard University to create a link between the W.E.B. DuBois Institute and the African American studies program, and Tanya Hart's review of Black representation in television and her interview with Ouida Lindsey, co-author of the book Breaking the Bonds of Racism. Program includes the "Community Calendar." Produced by Marita Rivero. Directed by Conrad White.
African American authors, African American women, African Americans in mass media, African Americans in radio broadcasting, Television broadcasting of news, Civil rights, Segregation, African Americans in television--Massachusetts--Boston, Hudson, Ken, King, Mel, Lindsay, Ouida, McGuire, Jean, Boston University, Harvard University, Martin Luther King, Jr., Afro-American Cultural Center, METCO (Boston, Mass.), National Women's Day Conference (1975 : Boston, Mass.), W.E.B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research, WILD (Radio station : Boston, MA)
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