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Hottest Seat in Town, The

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Say Brother offers a forum for Boston's six 1979 mayoral candidates to present their views on what faces the city and the remedies they would pursue if elected. Hosts Barbara Barrow-Murray and Lovell Dyett (Channel 7's Black News), with selected panel of reporters Art Cohen (WGBH's 10 O'Clock News), Gloria Chun (of Asian Focus and editor of San Pan Newspaper), Maria de los Angeles Dowd (TV producer of ECO), and Margaret Neville (of the weekly publication Equal Time) pose questions to Lewis Castro (Socialist), David I. Finnegan (Democrat, President of Boston's School Committee), State Representative Mel King (Democrat), Laurence Sherman (Republican), State Senator Joseph F. Timilty (Democrat). Topics include easing racial tensions, reaching out to the gay and lesbian community, affirmative action, women's rights, housing, and Mayor Kevin White's administration. Incumbent Mayor Kevin White, originally scheduled to be on the program, arrived late and missed his slot. Produced by Barbara Barrow-Murray. Directed by Brian Clarke.
African American politicians, Political candidates, Voting, Boston (Mass.)--Politics and government, King, Mel, White, Kevin H., Civil rights, Segregation, Race relations--Massachusetts--Boston, Local elections--Massachusetts--Boston, Castro, Lewis, Chun, Gloria, Cohen, Art, de los Angeles Dowd, Maria, Dyett, Lovell, Finnegan, David I., Neville, Margaret, Sherman, Laurence, Timilty, Joseph F.
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