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John Bryant criticizes the Boston School Committee

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A commemorative church service held in honor of Martin Luther King. Jr. is addressed Reverend John Bryant , who uses the occasion to criticize the Boston School Committee for what he sees as a lack of commitment to the education of African American children.
African Americans--Civil rights, Race relations, Religious gatherings, School boards, School management and organization, Civil rights, Segregation, Bryant, Rev. John, Cass, Melnea A. (Melnea Agnes), 1896-1978, Curtin, Bishop St. Clair, Flake, Floyd, Haynes, Rev. Michael, King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968, Lyons, Pat Bonner, McClain, Reverend William B. Moore, Rev. Prentiss, Morrison, George, Overbea, Luix V. (Luix Virgil), Owens, Bill, Owens, Rev. Richard, Tolliver, Rev. Warren, Turner, Chuck, Weeks, Rev. William, Wilson, Percy, Wood, Dr. Virgil, Lewis, Elma
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