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Philip Hart discusses the history of the New School for Children and Roxbury Community College

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Excerpt from the program exploring three schools identified by the community as viable alternative choices to Boston's public schools: Roxbury Community School, St. Joseph's Community School (supported by the Archdiocese of Boston), and Paige Academy (a private school operating via tuition). Dr. Philip Hart, professor at the University of Massachusetts and former director of the Federation for Boston Community Schools, the parent organization for Roxbury Community School, talks about the dissatisfaction with public schools on the part of Black parents in the 1960s. Parents were pulling their children out of school and educating them at newly formed freedom schools and tutoring centers. In 1966 the New School for Children and Roxbury Community College were incorporated as private non-profit educational institutions set up as an alternative to Boston public schools.
Afro-American children, African American students, Alternative education, Community schools, Public schools, Civil rights, Segregation, Cook, Angela Paige, Cook, Joe, Jr., King, Joyce, Snowden, Joyce, Thibodeau, Sylvia, Hart, Dr. Philip, Black Ghetto Theatre Company (Boston, Mass.), Paige Academy (Roxbury, Mass.), Roxbury Community School (Roxbury, Mass.), St. Joseph's Community School (Boston, Mass.)
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