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State Senator Bill Owens

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Excerpt from the press conference with newly elected State Senator Bill Owens. Participating media representatives are: Luix Overbea (Christian Science Monitor), Al Williams (WILD Radio), Sarah-Ann Shaw (WBZ TV), Russell Tillman (WSBK-TV), Alan Raymond (WGBH-FM), Greg Pilkington (WGBH-TV), Bruce Cole (Harvard Crimson), and Maurice Lewis (Black News). Owens stalks about public financing of campaigns and the importance of targetting the primary and seconday elite.
African American politicians--Massachusetts, Children's Campaign (Boston, Mass.), Press conferences, Overbea, Luix V. (Luix Virgil), Cole, Bruce, Jones, Hubie, Lewis, Maurice, Owens, Bill, Pilkington, Greg, Raymond, Alan, Shaw, Sarah-Ann, Spellman, A.B., Williams, Al, Tillman, Russell
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