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You Little Wild Heart

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This episode of "Frames of Reference" features "You Little Wild Heart"by Marta Renzi.

"You Little Wild Heart" is a dramatic dance work, starring a cast of Boston-area teenaged youth. The dancers move in and out of choreographed dance and everyday movements in a variety of settings, including various streets, a metal works, and an athletic field. The program loosely follows the interaction between one young couple, a boy and a girl, who perform both tender and heated duet work. Dramatic group work with some very athletic partnering takes place in a darkened alleyway at night. Marta Renzi appears intermittently, and the work ends with the larger cast joining her in a car dealership. On the whole, the work addresses adolescent coupling and sexuality. The entire work is set to music by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, which does much to set the mood.

The work in its entirety was an episode of the series "Frames of Reference." Segments were featured in other New Television Workshop specials, such as "Summer Dances."

"Frames of Reference" was a series that began circa 1978. Half-hour shows were produced to showcase commissioned and already created works. It was around this time that the focus of the Workshop shifted, to concentrate more heavily on creating works for broadcast. During its time, "Frames of Reference" was the focus of the Workshop's national arts programming effort. The series ended circa 1983.
Dance, Modern dance, Teenagers, Rock music, E Street Band, Springsteen, Bruce, 1966-
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