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Proposition, The

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In "The Proposition" an improvisational comedy troupe creates skits on the spot with audience participation. The four performers ask the viewing audience (who call in their suggestions) to supply key concepts or images, and work them into their structure on the spot. The works that follow are part mime, part satire, and part musical comedy. In one skit, one of the performers hosts a panel discussion between representative students from various nations, discussing the mining of Hai-Phong Bay. In the grand finale, a roto-rooter and a sign painter fall in love in a musical send-up. Diane Bulgarelli accompanies the improvisations on piano. Produced and directed by Fred Barzyk.

Although files on the Workshop's early years list "The Proposition" as a Rockefeller Artists-in-Television project, nothing in the credits of the work itself confirms this.

The "Rockefeller Artists-in-Television" materials were created before the creation of the New Television Workshop. They were processed as part of this Collection because of their relationship to video art and experimental work.

The "Rockefeller Artists-in-Television" residency program was created to support artists working in television. Funded by the Rockefeller Foundation from 1967 through 1970, it was replaced by "The WGBH Project for New Television."
Participatory theater, Comedy, Improvisation (Acting), Live television programs, Parodies
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