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Poetry Breaks II, Stanley Kunitz

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"Stanley Kunitz [born in Worcester, Mass. in 1905], whose honors include the Pulitzer Prize, fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Guggenheim Foundation, and the Lenore Marshall Prize, has had a long and varied career as poet, editor, essayist, translator, horticulturist, and mentor of young poets. In 1992, Harvard awarded him its Centennial Medal and he received a National Medal of Arts in 1993, presented at the White House by President Clinton. Kunitz lives with his wife, the artist Elise Asher, in New York City and Provincetown, Massachusetts, where he cultivates a renowned seaside garden." -- Biographical note from the dust jacket of Passing Through (1995).

Stanley Kunitz introduces and reads his poems in various settings at his Cape Cod home. Multiple takes of the following poems appear with and without copyright logo on the master tape:
"The Long Boat"
"Passing Through"
"The Portrait"
"My Sisters"
"Day of Foreboding"
"The Artist"
"The Quarrel"
Excerpts from "Jerusalem" (by William Blake)

These and the following poems appear on the source tapes in various takes:
"Snakes of September"
"The Knot"
"An Old Cracked Tune"
"Route Six"
"The Round"
"The Scene"
"The Summing-Up"
"King of the River"
"The Layers"
"The Wellfleet Whale"
Excerpts from "Plebus" (by Socrates)

Produced and directed by Leita Hagemann Luchetti.

"Poetry Breaks," conceived by Leita Hagemann Luchetti and co-produced by Luchetti and WGBH New Television Workshop, is an ongoing series of over 100 thirty-second to four-minute spots presenting internationally known poets reading their work on location. These have aired individually on WGBH and public television stations across the country. The Workshop collaborated with Luchetti until its closing in 1993, at which point the works became co-productions of Luchetti and the larger WGBH Foundation.

"Poetry Breaks II," produced from 1991-1994, began airing on WGBH-TV in 1994, and was also broadcast by dozens of other public television stations throughout the country starting in 1994. Between 1995 and 1997, three new poets were taped for Poetry Breaks III.
Oral interpretation of poetry, Poetry, Poetry reading
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