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This episode of "Frames of Reference" contains several video art works that evoke images of dreams or a dream state:
"37/73" by Richard Meyers
"Reverie" by Thomas Hilty
"Dream Moments" by Jerry Uelsmann
"Event Horizon" by Bill Viola

This episode of "Frames of Reference" contains a short excerpt from Richard Meyers film, "37/73"

In "The Reverie" moving images of human subjects overlap and dissolve with realistic black-and-white drawings depicting the same subjects.

In "Dream Moments" a figure walking across the beach is surrounded by manipulated backgrounds that dissolve into one another.

Bill Viola's "Event Horizon" looks at a landscape interrupted and transformed by visible signs of heat.

"Frames of Reference" was a series that began circa 1978. Half-hour shows were produced to showcase commissioned and already created works. It was around this time that the focus of the Workshop shifted, to concentrate more heavily on creating works for broadcast. During its time, "Frames of Reference" was the focus of the Workshop's national arts programming effort. The series ended circa 1983.
Experimental films, Drawings, Deserts, Dreams, Heat, Magic, Ocean, Video art
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