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Oh Nothing

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In this playful and humorous look at relationships scripted by Dennis Day, Rebecca, a graphics consultant, and Kevin, a systems analyst, have continuing encounters with each other. The nature of their relationship is never quite clear. Are they meeting for the first time or are they already embroiled in a relationship? The somewhat nonsensical conversations they have do little to clarify the situation. While Rebecca downs sugar cereals and candies and mourns the death of her cat, Kevin types away at a computer terminal, wearing his signature shades. Eventually, the two meet up again. "Please let's decide our future," Kevin implores. Rebecca contemplates. "Get in," she finally says, opening her brief case. The bright color palette employed sets the tone for the work. music is by Peter Gmehling. The bright-colored costumes and make-up worn by the performers were designd by Caroline Christie.
Interpersonal relations
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