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A collection of scenes/images that, ostensibly, tells the story of a search for missing images, involving an expedition to a secret world (Nomala) with a nomadic people who control images. It is less of a narrative, and more of an essay on the importance of images in our lives and the way we take them for granted. Central among the images is an animated silkworm that is tied to an ancient Chinese story of a silkworm and an empress. The image of the worm and its glowing cocoon is interspersed with scenes of the expedition to Nomala organized by a professor. produced and directd by Daniele Louis and Jacques Louis.

The work was a project of the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art), Boston, and coproduced by The CAT fund.

The Contemporary Art Television (CAT) Fund was a joint venture between Boston's Institute for Contemporary Art (ICA) and WGBH's New Television Workshop. Funding came from the Massachusetts Council on the Arts and Humanities' New Works program in 1983. Co-directors were WGBH's Susan Dowling (New Television Workshop Director, 1982-1993), and David Ross (ICA Director). Kathy Rae Huffman served as curator and producer. The Fund's primary objective was to award money to video artists for new works. The goals were to foster excellence in the exploration of television as a creative medium, broaden video arts international audience through broadcast and gallery exhibition, and increase revenues for artists from the distribution of their works in all markets. Many of the works were broadcast as part of "New Television," and appeared in festivals worldwide. The Fund was also used to sponsor international symposia among curators, distributors, and producers to help promote the growth of video art. In 1990, the ICA assumed full sponsorship of the Fund, where it continued for another year.
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