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Criss X Cross

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In “Criss X Cross,” by Myriam Alaux, dance sequences express the hidden emotions of three characters caught up in a philosophical chamber drama. Two women and a man in formal evening wear toss back champagne and weave in and out of couplings that hint at romantic relationships. Voice-overs, alternating between political and personal concerns, suggest the thoughts of the individuals as they appear before us. In a nearby hallway, dancer Holly Schiffer performs in a shimmery white dress. The two women and the man move in and out of doorways and eventually find themselves on a rooftop. The stark settings in the piece accentuate the constrained geometry of the three characters’ movements. In counterpoint, dancer Holly Schiffer’s solos seek fluidity among hard surfaces and narrow spaces.

Moody original music by Michel Deneuve. Sets and sculpture by Nathan Slate Joseph.
Interpersonal relations, Dance, Storytelling
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