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At the opening of "Freefall," Gaby Agis is seen getting dressed in Western-influenced clothing. She runs through alleyways and streets. Meanwhile, on neighboring rooftops, women are dancing together across vast spaces. Agis eventually makes her way to one of these rooftops. In the second section, Agis and another woman are partnering together against a wall of aluminum siding. They bounce off one another and the wall. Following this, Agis makes her way into an area filled with lush vegetation. Hiding in the foliage, she smears her face with mud. In the distance, a woman executes Irish-influenced dance steps. When she hears Agis in the bushes, she runs away. In the final section, Agis and another dancer are seated in a large waiting room, on opposite benches. Building to a frenzied pace, they run back and forth between the benches, stripping away layers of clothing. Eventually they make their way into a large marble hallway, where other dancers join them. They weave in and out of the space, playing with the concept of entrances and exits.
Dance, Modern dance
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