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Hazardous Hootenanny

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"A boisterous, slapstick [dance] performance video, characteristic of television's "˜Laugh In.'" -- WGBH press release

In this fast-paced work, three women and three men perform frantic gestures. Occasionally, they break into speech. "I see evil up on the hill," one of them proclaims, and is later contradicted with, "I see virtue up on the hill." Though often seated, the group rises to point in innumerable directions with large yellow arrows. Charles Moulton provided choreography for the work, which is performed by members of Concert Dance Company, as well as editing and direction. The music was composed and performed by Steve Elson. The performers wear colorful, campy costumes (evocative of the 1970's) designed by Charles Atlas. The piece is just under four minutes in length.
Dance, Modern dance
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