Meaning of the Interval

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"Meaning of the Interval" is a reflection on openings or intervals that the Japanese call "˜ma,' and how they apply to any number of activities in Japan. "˜Ma' can be architectural space, the vast stretches of empty space employed in Japanese scroll paintings, or the time between one utterance and another on the Noh stage.<BR> <BR> Images from Japanese public life, ceremonies, and performances are juxtaposed and layered. Sometimes a split-screen approach is used. Scenes include a Butoh dance performance, theater performance, acts of painting and drawing, street performers, and religious processions.<BR> <BR> The work is approximately 20 minutes long and was broadcast as a segment of episode 303 (1987), and episode 104 (1991), of "New Television." Produced by Edin Velez and Ethel Velez,