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Meaning of the Interval

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"Meaning of the Interval" is a reflection on openings or intervals that the Japanese call "˜ma,' and how they apply to any number of activities in Japan. "˜Ma' can be architectural space, the vast stretches of empty space employed in Japanese scroll paintings, or the time between one utterance and another on the Noh stage.

Images from Japanese public life, ceremonies, and performances are juxtaposed and layered. Sometimes a split-screen approach is used. Scenes include a Butoh dance performance, theater performance, acts of painting and drawing, street performers, and religious processions.

The work is approximately 20 minutes long and was broadcast as a segment of episode 303 (1987), and episode 104 (1991), of "New Television." Produced by Edin Velez and Ethel Velez,
Butō, Nō, Rites and ceremonies
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