Plage Concrete

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In "Plage Concrete," footage of museums, hotels, the interior of a nursing home, a mountain stop, and street scenes are woven together to create a mysterious and meditative narrative. Text is incorporated. A taxidermist speaks of the loss of artistic skills in that profession. Philosophical and statistical visual text provides a vast historical survey of uncertain purpose. Stuffed animals of museum quality are filmed. Select locations for the work include the Carnegie Museum, Falling Waters, Laurel Caverns, Negley House, and a Hilton hotel. Many of the primary images are repeated in new combinations. As the work progresses, the speech of the cameraperson is incorporated into the shots, which are extended. At times, one image literally frames another, and the effect, achieved through superimposition, is that of a window or gateway. The work incorporates many languages. A set of instructions is quoted from in several languages. A woman's voice narrates some of the scenes, speaking an Asian language.