Artist's Showcase


"Artist's Showcase" was a series designed to showcase video art and experimental work from WGBH. The program ran on Sunday evenings at 11 P.M., from the fall of 1976 through 1982. In the early 1970's, "Artist's Showcase" was the only consistent broadcast outlet for many of the Workshop productions. Most materials of broadcast quality created at WGBH in the mid-1970's were shown as part of this series. Additionally, earlier video art experiments and segments of related shows, such as "Mixed Bag" or "What's Happening Mr. Silver" were broadcast under these auspices. This series was also a broadcast outlet for a handful of works by video artists that were not created at WGBH but only acquired for this purpose. Some compilation reels showing highlights of Workshop activity were also broadcast. Around 1979 it was noted that "Artist's Showcase" had actually been garnering steady ratings. Russell Connor was invited to provide formal introductions for the works broadcast that season. "Artists on Artists," a project of the late 1970's, commissioned several artists to create works commenting on other artists. The majority of these pieces were also broadcast as part of "Artist's Showcase" and may have been broadcast as fills as well.