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Myth of Modern Dance, The

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Occasionally reciting text from "The Myth of Human Evolution," by Niles Eldridge and Ian Tattersall, Dunn humorously calls into question the notion of a linear and sequential development of dance forms. The opening scene finds him emerging from a pile of primordial ooze, eventually approximating the hunched posture of the predecessor of man. Dunn is pictured executing interpretations of various dance forms, from contemporary dance to French court dances to Hawaiian hula dancing.These interpretations appear tongue-in-cheek, as all reflect Dunn's idiosyncratic movement style. Dunn's movements are executed against brightly colored electronic backgrounds.

A diverse musical score includes pieces by Brian Eno, Bob Dylan, Puccini, Mozart, Minei Charles King, Thoinot Arbeau, and Captain Tobias Hume.

This collaboration between video artist Charles Atlas and choreographer Douglas Dunn is based on a solo performance of Dunn's, called "Haole." Produced by Susan Dowling. Directed by Charls Atlas.

"Alive From Off Center" was established in 1985 as a production of KTCA (St. Paul - Minneapolis) . The show featured independent works by artists in a variety of media. Its showcase format was similar to the Workshop's "New Television" series. At some point the series changed its name to "ALIVE TV." Many works created by or for the Workshop were also shown on "Alive From Off Center." Additionally, some Workshop produced pieces were co-produced and/or commissioned by KTCA specifically for the series. Susan Dowling served as Executive Producer for these programs.
Dance, Evolution, Modern dance
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