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Mountain View

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This episode of "Alive From Off Center" features "Mountain View," a dance drama work created by choreographer Marta Renzi in collaboration with director John Sayles.

"Mountain View," 1989, is a dance drama work created by choreographer Marta Renzi in collaboration with director John Sayles that, through movement and very little spoken text, details the interaction of several people residing at or visiting a motel or motor inn named Mountain View. The work spans a period of about 24 hours, following the individuals through late afternoon, an evening spent in the motel bar, and a picnic-style social gathering the next day. Some of the characters encountered are the family who run the motel (a mother, her young adult son, and an older man, perhaps her father); a spunky, tomboyish girl; an interracial couple lodging at the motel; a young mother; a pair of newlyweds; a barfly; three people involved in a love triangle; and the punkish friends of the motel owner's son. Cynthia Flint designed the costumes. The varied musical score consists of works by Schubert, Tammy Wynette, Bruce Springsteen, Aretha Franklin, The Pogues, and the Stanley Brothers. The work won the Procirep Award in Cannes, France, for best Short Feature in 1989. Produced by Susan Dowling, Grace Prinzi and Marta Renzi. Directed by John Sayles.

"Alive From Off Center" was established in 1985 as a production of KTCA (St. Paul - Minneapolis) . The show featured independent works by artists in a variety of media. Its showcase format was similar to the Workshop's "New Television" series. At some point the series changed its name to "ALIVE TV." Many works created by or for the Workshop were also shown on "Alive From Off Center." Additionally, some Workshop produced pieces were co-produced and/or commissioned by KTCA specifically for the series. Susan Dowling served as Executive Producer for these programs.
Dance, Drama, Family, Interpersonal relations, Motels
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