Rockefeller Artists in Television


In his "Rear Bumper" spots, writer and raconteur Jean Shepherd reminisces with several people on a boating excursion. Topics of discussion include his work in television, humor, and writing. Interspersed with this dialogue are anecdotal television spots recorded several years earlier. These "Rear Bumper" were created by Shepherd through the Rockefeller Artsists-in-Television program and include footage shot earlier (at WGBH?). They were broadcast at the end of the programming day. The "Rockefeller Artists-in-Television" materials were created before the creation of the New Television Workshop. They were processed as part of this Collection because of their relationship to video art and experimental work. The "Rockefeller Artists-in-Television" residency program was created to support artists working in television. Funded by the Rockefeller Foundation from 1967 through 1970, it was replaced by "The WGBH Project for New Television.”