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Elder, The

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"...[In] this short film...members of a family drive an elderly woman to a nursing home. Through both realistic and dreamlike sequences, the film translates, without the use of words, the character's inner experience into memorable and haunting images." -- WGBH press release.

The piece moves from everyday images to evocative fantasy scenarios. The family drops off the older woman, who leaves her countryside home. Images follow, showing the family and a group of elders in a desert like setting. The woman sits alone on a bed amidst this landscape.

"Purcell's aria "˜When I Am Laid in Earth' provides the tone and structure." -- WGBH press release.

The aria is from "Dido and Aeneas." The musical arrangement is by Frederic Weber, and the piece is sung by Louise-Marie Beauchamp.

The work was broadcast as a segment of episode 102 (1991) of "New Television." Produced and directed by Claude Palardy.
Aging, Nursing homes
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