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Virginia Dare's Vision

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"Virginia Dare went down in history as the first recorded white birth in the American colonies. Her family was part of the Roanoke colony, which disappeared soon after her birth and was never heard from again. In this mysterious and original piece, artist Sarah Drury combines electronic, computer-generated music with images of water, violence, and healing to suggest the "˜life' of Virginia Dare beyond the historical fact of her disappearance." -- WGBH press release

This short piece, by Sarah Drury, deconstructs beliefs that were accepted by early American colonizers. The savagery of Native Americans and the idea of the "new" continent as a heaven on earth are presented as suspect. Music is by Karen Shasha and Sarah Drury.

The piece is under six minutes in length and was broadcast as a segment of episode 604 (1990) of "New Television."
Colonies, Indians of North America, Dare, Virginia, b. 1587
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