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Touch That Dial: Using Video in the Classroom


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Touch That Dial: Using Video in the Classroom
Series Description

Every year teachers are bombarded with new catalogs of educational materials and articles about rends in curriculum products. More and more of these feature some form of video or “instructional technology.” Many teachers are unfamiliar with these technologies. They aren’t given time to explore what is available to them. They often don’t know how to use the technology as a component of a larger lesson. Our research shows that TOUCH THAT DIAL is the first series of its kind to address these issues.

The series consists of four 10-minute programs that demonstrate how to effectively incorporate different video technologies into the classroom. The host of the series is stand-up comedian and talk show host, Bertice Berry. A former teacher with a PhD, she was one of the most popular and humorous instructors at Kent State University before she began working full time in comedy. She is able to make the series both entertaining and instructional.

Each of the four programs showcase a different technology. Bertice describes the basics of using the technology, and shows hot to use it to actively engage students, using many diverse clips from educational programs as examples. At the end of each program she gives tips on how to design successful, comprehensive lessons that include using the technology.

Series release date: 1993

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Broadcast program

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