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Postcards from Buster; Sugar Time; Hinesburg, VT


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Postcards from Buster
Sugar Time; Hinesburg, VT
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Series Description

Buster, one of the most popular characters on ARTHUR will accompany his airline pilot father as he flies the fictional Latin rock group Los Viajeros on a concert tour of the United States, with forays into Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Buster will stay in touch with his friends back home via a small, hand-held digital video camera. These first-person video "postcards" will be in the form of live-action, P.O.V.-style footage of the places visited in the show. Narrated by Buster, they are woven seamlessly into each animated story. "It's important for children to experience cultures different from their own," says WGBH executive producer Carol Greenwald. "Putting Buster on the road and immersing him in real-life settings via the live-action 'postcards' is a perfect vehicle to teach children about the rich and complex cultural life that exists across America." Series release date: 2004

Program Description

Buster pays a visit to Sidell, Vermont during the season called "sugartime." He learns that this a season of maple syrup and mud. He spends some time at the home of a photographer his Mom once worked with and her partner (a lesbian couple) and learned that they're both Moms to their kids. Later, he goes out shopping for a bonfire. He samples Vermont maple syrup and learns about the milking of cows. He also tries his hardest to come up with the perfect Mother's Day gift for his Mom.

This episode was offered to PBS stations individually after PBS decided not to air it as part of the series.



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