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How Serious Is This? with Loretta Laroche


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How Serious Is This? with Loretta Laroche
Program Description

Loretta begins by getting down to the nitty-gritty of irrational thinking. What are the 10 or so ways (patterns of thinking) that make us crazy and drive us nuts? Loretta barrels her way through many of them. She introduces us to the awfulizer and to the castastrophizer. The individual with an incessant need to wildly exaggerate life's smallest events -- and the mind reader who has a perceived ability to predict suffering -- and of course, there's always the baggage handler, who carries around the ball and chain of life's past. Continuing down the path to helping others, Loretta will also show how individual thoughts can become the foundation for the highly illogical, yet steadfast rules we live by. Rules which, according to Loretta, can also be changed. “All you have to do is discover the healing power of humor,” says Loretta, “it will change your perspective and lighten your load.” And what is a sense of humor? In the words of Clifton Fadiman, “It's a residing feeling of one's own absurdity. It's the ability to understand a joke and that the joke is oneself.” Topping off this 80-minute special, Loretta offers viewers some practical steps that will help us all find the “joy of living.” Loretta gets the audience moving and a-grooving as they are taught some practical exercises -- everything from how to breathe “the right way” - to exaggeration therapy, a technique for examining life's worries and seeing how quickly they can be moved from the sublime to the ridiculous.



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