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Evening Compass, The; Boston School Report


Press conference at Boston Schools Information Center to sum up week one of Phase II desegregation of Boston schools. Ed Baumeister introduces the Boston School Report with a summary of the day's events. Ron Brinn (Information Coordinator, Mayor's Office) introduces the participants. Peter Meade (Mayor's Office) comments on a successful opening of schools. Marion Fahey (Superintendent, Boston Public Schools) gives a report on school suspensions and comments that the atmosphere in the schools is good. William Reid (Headmaster, South Boston High School) comments on the opening week at South Boston High School. Pat Brady (Detective, Boston Police Department) reads a police report detailing arrests and injuries. Brady reports that there were no major incidents today and that extra police will continue to be deployed. Dr. Louis Perullo (Boston School Department) analyzes school attendance statistics. Perullo compares attendance statistics from the 1975-76 school year to attendance statistics from the 1974-1975 school year. Reporters ask Reid about an altercation at South Boston High School and the effect of community demonstrations on the atmosphere in the schools. Reid says that outside disturbances have a negative effect on the atmosphere inside the schools. Fahey says that she has no control over demonstrations outside of the school. Fahey reports on increased attendance at the city's magnet schools. Reporters ask Fahey and Perullo about school attendance and the possibility of a non-white majority in the Boston school population. Fahey says that she is not yet ready to predict a non-white majority. Robert Murphy (Civil Rights Division, US Justice Department) reports on the activity of federal marshals in Boston and the ongoing federal investigations into violations of the federal court order. Ann Foley (administrative assistant to Fahey) announces a change in operating hours for the Boston Schools Information Center. This tape has audible time code on track 2 and visible time code burned in at the top of the picture.

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Evening Compass, The

Boston School Report

Series Description

Premiered January 1974

The Evening Compass was a half-hour program airing Monday - Friday at 7 pm, repeated at 10:30. With co-anchormen Ed Baumeister and Louis Lyons, its purpose was to interpret news already reported elsewhere and to recognize, report and interpret news not reported elsewhere. Compass Specials were occasional broadcasts at other times that usually covered actual events as opportunities and resources permitted. Evening Compass incorporated the staff of Louis Lyons/News and Comment and The Reporters.

See Prime Time January and February 1974 for cover stories. Series release date: 1/2/1974



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DiGrazia, Robert J.
Press conferences
School superintendents
Busing for school integration
Fahey, Marion
South Boston (Boston, Mass.)
News Report
Stuart, Charles (Series Producer)
Baumeister, Ed (Reporter)
Fahey, Marion (Speaker)
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