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Arthur; Arthur’s Almost Boring Day; The Half-Baked Sale


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Arthur’s Almost Boring Day; The Half-Baked Sale
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Each of the Arthur episodes consists of two independent stories that focus on themes and events central to children's lives. Whether it's facing down a bully, worrying about a new teacher, or being the very last person on earth to lose his baby teeth, Arthur and his friends manage to solve their third-grade dilemmas with imagination, kindness and a lot of humor. "What children love about Arthur is that he feels real to them," says Carol Greenwald, WGBH executive producer. "The emotions he experiences are universal. When Arthur triumphs over something, kids think they can, too. "The series will build on that sense of empowerment by showing how Arthur and his friends use effective, age-appropriate, problem-solving skills. Bringing a book-based series like Arthur to public television will also promote reading and writing skills. Series release date: 10/1996

Program Description

Arthur's Almost Boring Day: It's raining, it's pouring and boy is it BORING! D.W. and Arthur have played every game known they know, and worn their crayons out with coloring. But then, in Grandma Thora's attic, Arthur and D.W. discover some really FASCINATING stuff about their parents.

The Half-Baked Sale: Grandma Thora is helping to organize a bake sale, only Arthur hasn't the heart to tell her that her cookies lack a certain something--like sugar, for instance. Can Arthur keep Grandma Thora's "goodies" out of sight without hurting her feelings?



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Greenwald, Carol (Series Producer)
CINAR (Series Producer)
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