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Alive From Off Center; As Seen On TV

Part of New Television Workshop.


NTW Dub of Original - 8/98 - FILM TO TAPE XF AS SEEN ON TV - Part 5

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Alive From Off Center
As Seen On TV
Series Description

"Alive From Off Center" was established in 1985 as a production of KTCA (St. Paul - Minneapolis) . The show featured independent works by artists in a variety of media. Its showcase format was similar to the Workshop's "New Television" series. At some point the series changed its name to "ALIVE TV." Many works created by or for the Workshop were also shown on "Alive From Off Center." Additionally, some Workshop produced pieces were coproduced and/or commissioned by KTCA specifically for the series. Susan Dowling served as Executive Producer for these programs. Series release date: 1985

Program Description

In this work created collaboratively by video- and filmmaker Charles Atlas and mime artist Bill Irwin, Bill goes to an audition in a studio space in New York City. While waiting, he finds an empty room to rehearse in and discovers a TV camera and monitor. He gets tangled in the cables, falls out the window, crawls back in, gets sucked into the TV set, and begins his journey through different TV shows that change with the click of a remote. These shows include a soap opera, a ballet program, a “NOVA” program, Bert and Ernie from “Sesame Street,” a bowling show, a golf tournament, and “Mystery.” Intermixed with this footage, we go back to the audition and witness various performers doing their routines. When Irwin’s name is called for his audition, he wakes up.

Asset Type

Broadcast program

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Atlas, Charles ()
Irwin, Bill ()
Susan Dowling (Executive Producer)
Oz, Frank ()
Kaufman, Avy ()
Lipp, Barbara ()
Macy, W.H. [William H.] ()
McIntyre, Marilyn ()
Rodriquez, Beatriz ()
Wheater, Ashley ()
Sexton, Lucy ()
Iobst, Anne ()
Williams, Chee Chee ()
Henson, Jim ()
Policeband, Boris ()
Roth, Martha ()
Levine, Anna ()
Erdman, John ()
Herman, Ada Love ()
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