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Ten O'Clock News; Tufts University Apartheid Protest


Student demonstrators occupy Ballou Hall at Tufts University to protest Tufts' refusal to divest completely from South Africa. Students sit and stand under the portico of the building while they chant and sing. Protesters are visible through the windows of the upper floors of the building. Protest signs hang at the door and in the windows of the building. A protest sign hanging at the entrance to the building renames it "Biko Hall." Tufts University police officers stand near the students under the portico of the building. A student hands out copies of a newspaper to passersby. She urges them to support the protesters. Tufts' University officials stand near a tree. One official has taped a sign for Admissions to the tree. David Gow (Tufts University class of 1984) talks to the protesters under the portico at Ballou Hall. He gives them advice about how to deal with university administration. One of the protest leaders condemns the administration's decision not to let food or people into Ballou Hall during the student occupation. A Tufts University police officer intercepts a box of tea that someone has tried to throw to the protesters. Interview with Pierre Laurent, the Director of the International Relations Program about the protest. Laurent says that student protests across the nation have been effective in drawing public attention to the issue of divestment. Laurent says that he does not know how the Tufts administration will respond to the demonstration. Interview with a white male student about the demonstration. The student criticizes Tufts' policy of selective divestment and says that Tufts will eventually come around to the demonstrators' position. The student says that he feels a kinship with other student protesters across the nation.

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Ten O'Clock News

Tufts University Apartheid Protest

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NIGHTLY NEWS WITH CHRISTOPHER LYDON AND CARMEN FIELDS Began January 1976. Replaced evening news show EVENING COMPASS. Original host: Steve Nevas. Other anchors, Christopher Lydon (1977-91) and Gail Harris (1983). In 1980 - hour long. Ended in 1991.

(PREDECESSORS: Louis Lyons began news operations at WGBH in 1952. The News at 10 began in 1966. The Reporters premiered in 1970. The Evening Compass started in 1974.) Series release date: 1/1976



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Medford (Mass.)
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Crossley, Callie (Reporter)
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